John Bailey

The family of John Bailey has asked us to let all Evertonians and all those concerned that John is doing fine and hoping to be home from Hospital as soon as possible.

The family has asked for people to respect John’s privacy and refer to E.F.P.F. for any updates on his health.

Update: 4:30 pm 21/02/2013

John is making progress and is hoping to be home soon. He thanks the fans for their concern and looks forward to being an Everton game in the near future.

Update: 4:30 pm 22/02/2013

John is sat up in bed and is able to have visitors that are friends and family only. He thanks everyone for their concern and hopes to be home before too long.

Update: 5:00 pm 25/02/2013

John is still making progress and has asked hospital staff for ‘Sausage and Mash’ for his tea

Update: 13:25 pm 1/03/2013

John has had the good news that he will be allowed home within the next few days

Update: 14:30 pm John has left hospital and is resting at his home