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What is EFPF? Everton Former Players’ Foundation is one of Europe’s foremost Former Players’ Associations. It has been in existence since 1999 and its activities range from Former Players’ Dinners, Sky Box Matchday Hospitality, Golf days & ‘Play on the Pitch’. It is also a registered charity.

What is the EFPF charity number? No. 1080101

How many Trustees of EFPF are there? 10

Do EFPF Trustees hold meetings? The Trustees of the charity meet once a month.

Who are the Trustees? Details of the Trustees can be found on the ‘About us’ page of this website.

Do the Trustees get paid? No

Where does all the money go? The money goes to helping Former Everton Players with money for much needed operations, improving homes if age or disability require it.

Who qualifies for help from EFPF? Any former Everton player who has played one recognised first team game for Everton and the widow/dependents of those players

If I am a Former Everton Player and need help what do I do? Please contact EFPF using the numbers shown on the ‘Contact’ page of this website

If I know of a Former Everton Player that needs help what do I do? Please use the numbers shown on the ‘Contact’ page of this website

What was Bluebloods? Bluebloods was the original name for the Everton Former Players’ Foundation

Does EFPF go by any other name? No

Does EFPF have its own office? Not at the moment.

Does EFPF receive monetary help from other charities? No but it does link up with other charities such as ‘Everton in the Community’ in order to help fundraising for both charities.

Does EFPF help other charities? Yes but only in the form of providing signed items or other items EFPF have available such as providing old football shirts to charities in Africa and the North West of England.

Does EFPF receive money from events not held by them? If EFPF is notified about the nature of the event and it is approved then yes it does.

Do Everton help? A lot, from donations to signed items for EFPF fund- raising events. They also give advice and other general help both big and small.

Do Everton recognise the charity? Yes

Does EFPF have contact with the Everton first team? No

Does the P.F.A. recognise EFPF? Yes

Does EFPF receive help from the P.F.A.? Yes

Can EFPF put fans directly in touch with former players? No however it can try to contact them depending on the nature of the enquiry.
N.B. Due to the data protection act EFPF cannot give out the private numbers or addresses of any Former Everton Player.

Can I send items to be signed by a Former Player? Depends on what it is

Does EFPF act as agents for the former players? No

Do you have contact with the Everton Collection? Yes – EFPF has good relations with the Everton Collection. Please note that the Everton Collection and EFPF do not provide funding for each other’s charities.

Do you have contact with Everton in the Community? Yes – EFPF also has good relations with EitC. Please note that EFPF and EitC are separate organisations and EFPF does not receive funding from Everton in the Community and vice versa.

What is EFPA? The European Former Players’ Association based in Barcelona’s Nou Camp
Do you receive money from EFPA? No however we do receive a lot of help and advice from EFPA and its associated clubs.

What is BAFPA? The British Alliance of Former Players’ Associations set up at a meeting at Goodison in 2008 it helps to bring all British former players Associations together under one organisation

How can I donate to EFPF? There is a ‘Donate’ page on this website or use the contact number or address provided.

Does EFPF have volunteers? Yes

How can I become involved in EFPF events and activities? Please see the contact page of this website.

Where does EFPF hold its events? EFPF tries to hold all its events at Goodison Park

How can I become a member of EFPF? Please contact us by using the contact email, phone number or address shown on the contact page.

Where can I find information on Former Players’ careers? See the Players’ section of this website.

How do I know what is an official EFPF event? Please consult the ‘Events’ page of this website for details of all events held by EFPF.